Albariza Social

A Monthly Wine Bar at a Butcher Shop.

a casual good time spent mingling, exploring your wine palate and grazing on (sometimes unusual) meaty things. RSVP HERE.


2024 Wine Bar Socials

January 🥩 | Steak Tartare
Jura Wines

February ♥️| Grilled Oysters tacked with Butcher's Butter / Wood Fired Hearts.
Champagne. Muscadet. Rhone.


March🐇| Grilled Whole Rabbits.
Orange Wine, etc.
Saturday, 3.30
April🐑| Lamb.
Middle Eastern Wine.
Thursday, 4.25
May| Hand Carved Prosciutto, Wood Fired Chorizo
Sherry. Rioja.
Thursday, 5.30
June | Charred Brioche & Foi Gras.
Sauternes, Burgundy.
Thursday, 6.27
July | Suckling Pig
Lambrusco, Island Wine, Rose´
Saturday, 7.27
August | Bistecca Alla Fiorentina
Chianti, White Rioja
Saturday, 8.31